For your visit, we recommend an online reservation.

The validity of all our vouchers has been extended by one (1) year.
We recommend to book your massage appointments online.

What has changed due to the current hygiene and distance regulations?

Yes, please visit our online reservation tool to book an entry time slot. This is not mandatory, however, we do strongly recommend making a reservation as it will allow you to by-pass any queue, particularly during busy times such as weekends, holidays, and school holidays.

No. Vabali spa Düsseldorf is still a textile-free facility. Outside of pools we ask you to cover yourself with a bathrobe. Of course you are allowed to sunbath undressed.

The restaurant is open from 9am till 11pm daily, the kitchen operates from 9am til 10pm.

We can offer massage appointments daily between 10 am and 10 pm.
Making appointments prior is highly recommended, you can also use our online booking tool. Furthermore we ask you to be freshly showered at the wellness reception at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Please tie long hair with a scrunchy.


We have a car park for our guests directly in front of the facility with about 300 parking spaces, 80 of which have carports. A parking pass costs €1.50 per visit, regardless of the length of your stay in the vabali spa Düsseldorf. Free parking is within walking distance. Opening hours vabali spa parking lot: daily from 9:00am til 12pm.

Monday through Friday
2-hour-pass: 23,50€
4-hour-pass: 32,50€
Day-pass: 41,50€

On weekends, public holidays, during Christmas holidays & for vouchers
2-hour-pass: 25,50€
4-hour-pass: 35,50€
Day-Pass: 45,50€

Vouchers can be redeemed on any day of the week including during holiday season and public holidays.

11 x 2 hours 235€
11 x 4 hours 325€
11 x day pass 415€

The entry ticket includes the stay in the entire complex.

No. We do recommend make reservations for your Check In slot. You can book your reservation here.

No, massages can only be used in combination with an entry ticket.

Yes, we are open 365 days a year for you. Please inform yourself in advance about the special opening hours for Christmas and New Year.

You may pay with your German EC card with pin or with credit cards (VISA or MasterCard).

In our restaurant we offer you many delicious and light meals. We therefore ask you to refrain from bringing your own food. Please also read the sauna etiquette guide.

All guests must wear bathrobes in our restaurant.

We have designated smoking areas outdoors where you have the possibility to smoke.

In consideration of the other guests, it is necessary to turn off mobile phones and to store all mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) in a locker. Please also read the sauna etiquette guide.

For security reasons, our receptionists are not allowed to accept 500 € notes.

Yes, children are allowed to visit us accompanied by their parent or guardian from the age of 7 years. NOTE: Dear parents, the vabali spa Düsseldorf is a place of rest and relaxation. We do not have a child-friendly facility and environment. Please consider if your child will be comfortable with in this environment. Children under the age of 18 years must also be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

No. The Elbsee is part of a nature reserve and therefore can not be entered. This ban is clearly marked by signage.


Vouchers can be issued and taken home with you directly at the reception. They may also be ordered from the comfort of your home through our online shop. You will receive the voucher templates as PDF files, and may then print them out to give as gifts immediately.

Quickly and easily from our “Prices & Vouchers” section.

You will receive an email with your voucher and invoice in two separate PDF documents within 5 minutes. Please check your spam folder. If you do not receive an email, please contact us by phone at +49 2103 33377121 or write us an e-mail at info@vabali-duesseldorf.de.
In order to ensure correct display of the generated voucher, we recommend using Adobe Reader.

If you have not received the voucher within 5 minutes by e-mail, please send us a short e-mail at info@vabali-duesseldorf.de or call us at +49 2103 33377121.

The voucher is valid immediately following payment with PayPal or the German Sofortüberweisung payment method.

The vouchers have the statutory validity of three years from the date of purchase.

This is not possible for organizational reasons. If you are unsure, we suggest opting for a general coupon, which is valid for all our services


Yes, you can rent a bathrobe for €3.50 per day and a bathrobe for €5.50 € per day. We also offer packages for rented linens (for example a large wellness set with 1 bathrobe and 2 saunas for €10.00). For the Day Spa Suite packages as well as for “Wellnesstag”-packages, the rental fee is included in the price. Slippers are available for €4.50. For hygienic reasons, we only offer these for sale.

Especially in the sauna area, it is our goal that a quiet atmosphere for relaxation and well-being is preserved. Therefore, there are some rules that must be observed at all times. Please read the sauna guidelines.

No, every lounge chair should be available to the guests at any time. Out of respect for the other guests, we kindly ask you to refrain from reserving lounge chairs with towels or bags, and to instead place these in one of the many existing shelves. We ask for your understanding that our sauna staff is required to clear any unoccupied lounge chairs of personal effects.

Swimwear as well as sauna hats are not permitted throughout the sauna area. Wearing a bathrobe or a towel, however, is very welcomed.

No, the pools and the saunas can only be entered unclothed.

A variety of different infusions are offered on an hourly and half-hourly basis. The info boards in the indoor and outdoor area provide info on times and infusions.


You can book treatments with us by phone at +49 2103 33377170 or by email at massage@vabali-duesseldorf.de.

Our appointment slots fill up quickly, and thus short notice appointment bookings are often not possible. For this reason, we recommend that you book your appointment as early as possible. Due to the high demand of the Day Spa Suite arrangements, we advise you to reserve your appointment at least two weeks in advance.

Some things cannot be planned and it can transpire that you may not be able to make a scheduled appointment or are late. We would like to request that you inform us as soon as possible. Our regular cancellation period is 4 hours before the treatment time. If you appear late to your appointment, we will shorten the treatment time accordingly.

Whatever you prefer – you are free to enjoy your body massage with or without clothing. However, in order to enjoy your massage with the utmost relaxation, we would like to recommend that you experience the massage unclothed.

Our qualified staff is trained to maintain the intimacy of the guest. That is, during the massage, intimate body parts will remain covered with a bath towel at all times.

Fresh towels from the house are available for you. You need nothing to worry about, just enjoy!

Yes. Please let us know your preference when you make the reservation.

We would be pleased to advise you individually. Either by phone, email, or in person.

We wish you a relaxing and pleasant stay at the vabali spa Düsseldorf.