Due to the political official order, vabali spa Düsseldorf is currently closed.

vabali spa. Arrive. Feel Good. Be Yourself. In the middle of the Rhineland on the Elbsee in Düsseldorf you’ll experience your quick getaway to Bali. For a few brief moments, forget about the everyday hustle and bustle and let yourself be pampered in our oasis of well-being with exclusive massages and wellness treatments.

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In the light-flooded single and double treatment areas – some with a view into the untouched nature – peace and relaxation in a modern ambience await you. A range of partial and whole body massages give the gift of deep well-being. Enjoy our massage treatments also as a partner massage, where you can relax together in one room. Special relaxation rituals in one of our Day Spa Suites pamper body and soul. Equipped with a duo bathtub, cozy sofa corner and a private terrace, you will experience precious moments with your companion.

Our massage treatments are only available in combination with an entrance fee. The entrance fee is not included in the massage price. The time of the treatment will of course be credited to you for your stay in the complex. In order to prepare yourself for the upcoming treatment and to be able to enjoy the spa experience with a fresh tea, we recommend that you check in 30 minutes before the start of the treatment and arrive at the massage area on time. To ensure that you can enjoy massage at the vabali spa, we ask you to book an appointment in advance. You can reach us by phone at +49 2103 33377170, by mail at, or simply book your appointment online.

Please inform us about possible contraindications before beginning your application and we will gladly take your information into account during our massage recommendations. Leave it to our professional hands – our treatments are prepared, performed and customized by our therapists with great care.

Spa Menue

To book a massage appointment, please call in advance at +49 2103 33377 170, or contact us by mail at Our team of massage experts is available daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

Treatment Benefits
Our treatments support and optimize well-being, providing deep relaxation and balance. Regular treatments have a positive effect at the muscular level, maintaining and strengthening skin and connective tissue, have detoxifying and cleansing properties, and support the activation of regeneration- and self-healing powers. As the treatment benefits also depend significantly on the care oils we use, we ask you to shower before your massage, so that your skin can best absorb the oils.

Confirmation of your booking
Changes to your booking can be easily accommodated. Should you need to cancel a booking, no charges will apply. Please leave your mobile number for us when booking.

Cancellation of Treatment Appointments
Treatment bookings are a binding commitment for you to enjoy one of our selected treatments at the vabali spa. However, it may happen from time to time that you have reasons that lead to a cancellation of the booking. If you are unable to attend the appointment, please notify us in good time, but no later than 8 hours before the start of treatment. We are happy to cancel the appointment or postpone it to a more convenient time for you. Since we have the therapists and the treatment rooms ready and prepared for you, any cancellation that reaches us later than this will be charged for the full value of the treatment. Thank you for your understanding.

Consent Form
Treat yourself to a break for well-being and relaxation with a visit to our wellness area. All treatments are prepared with great care by our therapists, and tailored specifically to your needs.

At the time of the reservation or at the latest before the start of the treatment, we ask you to inform us of any contraindications that may or may not alter your treatment. These can be:

• cardiovascular disease
• diabetes
• infections
• pregnancy
• severe strains
• cancers
• regular use of medication
• open wounds

Our massage experts are very experienced and must be aware of any health issues you may have in order to tailor the treatment accordingly. Failure to provide information about contraindications may result in non-treatment or discontinuation of treatment. We assure you that all information will be treated discreetly and with the utmost confidentiality.

Your vabali moment
Our massage experts let their techniques be inspired by their diverse experiences and influences, incorporating them into a whole-body experience. Your vabali moment will always be unique and extraordinary. Enjoy and let yourself relax completely.
50 min. - 69.00 € | 80 min. - 105.00 €

Package for Two
Enjoy a back massage and an intensive body wrap including facial mask. Toast your time together with a glass of Prosecco.
80 min. - 79.00 € per person

Gunung Batur Bath
A full-body peeling prepares your skin for a soothing mud bath. Relax with a revitalizing facial mask while you lie in the detoxifying bath. This special experience is rounded off with a rich cleansing. This bathing ritual can only be booked for two persons.
50 min. - 69.00 € per person

These treatments are not performed by all massage experts. We ask for timely reservation, as availability is limited to specific times.

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Aroma Oil Massage (Partial Body)
Balancing, gentle massage strokes and curated fragrances bring the body and soul into harms and relaxation.
25 min. - 39.00 €

Aroma Oil Massage (Full Body)
50 min. - 69.00 € | 80 min. - 105.00 €

Pure Relaxation
A combined back and foot massage leaves you feeling completely relaxed, like walking on air.
50 min. - 69.00 €

Foot Reflexology Massage
Reflex points on the sole of the foot are intensively stimulated in conjunction with a massage, bringing you new energy and balance.
25 min. - 39.00 € | 50 min. - 69.00 €

Deep Tissue Massage
An intense and firm massage technique targets and reduces tension slowly.
50 min. - 69.00 € | 80 min. - 105.00 €

Massage for Expectant Mothers
Body and soul have special needs during pregnancy, and not all our massage treatments are suitable for expectant mothers. Everything is focused on the well-being of the mother in this specially-tailored massage, geared toward women between the 12th and 28th week of pregnancy.
25 min. 39.00 € | 50 min. - 69.00 €

Massage Rituals from All Over the World

Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Traditionally, this energetic massage is used to detoxify and harmonize the body. Warm sesame oil is gently massaged into the skin with changing grip techniques. Exhaustion and stress are reduced while lymphatic flow is stimulated.
50 min. - 69.00 € | 80 min. - 105.00 €

This soothing energy point massage of the foot and lower leg activates self-healing powers and reduces energy flow congestion and stress symptoms.
25 min. - 39.00 €

This head, neck, and face massage relieves tension, calms the nervous system, and brings about deep relaxation.
50 min. - 69.00 €

Bamboo massage
Blockages and tension are specifically targeted and massaged using bamboo stalks, stimulating blood circulation and bringing about a deep and intense effect.
25 min. - 39.00 €

Lomi Lomi Nui
This Hawaiian temple massage is simultaneously powerful and energetic. Gentle, wide massage strokes, primarily performed with the hand and forearm, bring you to a state of long-lasting deep relaxation and indescribable wellbeing.
50 min. 69.00 € | 80 min. - 105.00 €

Hot Stone
Relax deeply with this treatment while balancing body and soul. Enjoy a gentle massage ceremony with warm basalt and cool marble stones.
50 min. - 69.00 € | 80 min. - 105.00 €

These treatments are not performed by all massage experts. We ask for timely reservation, as availability is limited to specific times.

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PANPURI uses only highly effective natural and organic ingredients for their luxurious product line. Lotus Defense is a homage to the sacred lotus flower, the strongest symbol of ultimate purity and enlightenment.

Lotus Defense Facial Treatment
A gentle cleansing, fine-grained peel, rich cream mask with gentle facial massage, and a soothing hand massage, finished off with a moisturizing cleansing.
45 Min. 69,00€

Lotus Intensive Defense Facial Treatment
A gentle cleansing, fine-grained peeling, rich cream mask with pleasantly intensive facial massage, nourishing lip balm, soothing hand or foot massage, finished off with a moisturizing cleansing.
75 Min. – 105,00€

These treatments are not performed by all massage experts. We ask for timely reservation, as availability is limited to specific times.

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Classic Face Massage
A indulgent massage with intense relaxation effect and long-lasting cleansing. An especially gentle and soothing massage relaxes the facial muscles, causing the skin to gain resilience and vitality.
25 Min. – 39,00€

Classic Back Massage
Targeted, intensive grips over the entire back alleviate tension and stimulate muscular metabolism.
25 Min. – 39,00€

Classic Full Body Massage
A classic full-body massage that massages the back, arms and legs. Ideal for massage newcomers.
50 Min. – 69,00€ | 80 Min. – 105,00€

Coconut Vanilla Scrub
The luxurious combination of fragrant coconut-vanilla oil and sugar is gently incorporated into the skin, keeping it soft, supple, and optimally cared for.
20 Min. – 39,00€

Body Wrap
Our rich body wrap moisturizes stressed skin while you relax with a pleasant facial massage.
50 Min. – 69,00€

Oil and Salt Massage
Enjoy a partial or full body massage, followed by an indulgent and soothing salt peel, leaving your skin feeling gentle and radiant.
45 Min. – 69,00€ | 75 Min. – 105,00€

These treatments are not performed by all massage experts. We ask for timely reservation, as availability is limited to specific times.

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All-day relaxation for two in our wellness oasis. Enjoy our diverse infusions and round off your wellness day with a soothing massage.

Wellness Day Classic
Day pass for 2 persons
2x Wellness Set Classic
(1 bathrobe and 2 sauna towels each)
2x 25 min. aroma oil massage

Wellness Day Premium
Day pass for 2 persons
2x Wellness-Set Classic
(1 bathrobe and 2 sauna towels each)
2x 50 min. aroma oil massage

DaySpa Suite

Treat yourself to a special time out for two in one of our private and discreet day spa suites. Experience a relaxing treatment and an indulging bath for two, accompanied by culinary delights and champagne.

2x day entry
2x Classic Wellness Set (bathrobe & 2 sauna towels)
Rose petal bath
1 bottle of champagne (0.375l)
1 bottle of mineral water
Culinary delights

60 Min – 99,00€ p. Person

An additional 2x 25 min. aroma oil massage
120 Min – 159,00€ p. Person

An additional 2x 50 min. aroma oil massage
150 Min – 189,00€ p. PersonEach additional hour 40.00 € p. Person.

We kindly request you a timely reservation, as availability is not possible at all times.

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