The vabali spa takes you away from the daily grind, letting you dive into a wonderful day full of relaxation.
The Far East ambience combined with an unparalleled view of untouched nature and the expanse of the Elbsee nature reserve makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you can enjoy the peace and relaxation you deserve.




Open from 6 June 2021 9am – Midnight daily


Across two floors you’ll find a fireplace room, thirteen different saunas and steam baths with numerous treatments options and various relaxations rooms with countless water beds and lounge chairs to relax. The rooms are characterized by their spaciousness, variety and by a stylish, authentic decor, which has largely been imported from Indonesia and Bali. With attention to detail, the ambience of every single room has been designed and adapted to the needs of our guests.

Our saunas offer something for everyone, including offerings include a biosauna with a mild 55°C, a meditation sauna, a lake sauna directly on the shore with large window seats for an unobstructed view of the lake, a candle and herb sauna, two large infusion saunas, a panorama sauna with an indescribable view over the Elbsee, and our 95°C garden sauna. On the upper floor there is also a sauna reserved for our female guests. At the center of the textile-free facility is the 1.35 m deep and 60 m² indoor swimming pool, which is lined with saunas. Next to the pool you will find one of the steam baths and a cold water plunge pool as well as a Kneipp basin. A 180 m² and 1.35m deep outdoor pool is also on offer in clear blue and turquoise tones for easy movement or weightless relaxation. The ever-recurring Frangipani blossom as well as Buddhist statues and fine Balinese carvings complete the Balinese character of the complex. Take a journey of discovery and get a taste of Indonesian culture.

Outside, the sauna village with large shower pavilion is grouped next to two hot water pools and a cold water plunge pool. Your relaxation and soothing rest are our priority at the vabali spa. Leave the daily grind behind and treat yourself to a one-day Balinese holiday. Body, mind and soul find their way back to harmony here. Recharge your batteries for the challenges of everyday life. Enjoy your rest and savour your time out at the vabali spa Düsseldorf.

Sauna Schedule

Bio Sauna "Bhuana"
Relax at a mild 55°C and experience a soothing atmosphere with changing coloured lights. A bio sauna is particularly suitable for sauna beginners, since you can protect the circulation due to the low temperatures, but still care for the skin.
Candle Sauna "Lilin"
Our second infusion sauna on the ground floor offers a wonderful ambience at 70°C. Here you can let yourself drift to faraway Asia.
Garden Sauna "Beji"
Sweat it out at 95°C in our hottest sauna. The warmth relaxes body and soul, stimulated the metabolism so that numerous toxins can be washed out.
Herbal Sauna "Bali Boreh"
Relax with one of our selected infusions at 75°C and recharge your batteries. Here you can experience various herbal infusions or our popular Wenik infusion, based on the Russian Banja tradition. In this infusion, infusion water is poured on the saunas with a birch bundle, and distributed by the same branches in the room, allowing the aroma of the birch leaves to release completely.
Infusion Sauna (inside) "Di Dalam"
In our large indoor infusion sauna we offer you a regular and varied infusion program at 80°C.
Outdoor Infusion Sauna "Di Luar"
Our large outdoor infusion sauna invites you to experience and enjoy the various infusions throughout the day at 85°C.
Laconium "Mandi Kapur"
The Laconium is a dry sweat bath from southern Greece. By sweating, the body is detoxified and purified. Experience one of our peelings or mask treatments, such as the coffee peeling or our seraglio bath. This whole body curative application stimulates the metabolism, purifies the tissue and cleans the skin down to the pores.
Ladies' Sauna "Sita"
Sita was the beautiful wife of Rama and to this day in Bali one says to a good-looking lady "pretty as Sita". At a pleasant temperature of 70°C, this sauna is only available to our female guests on the upper floor of the complex. Here, they can look forward to changing mask treatments and exfoliations, which not only smell wonderfully and stimulate the senses, but are also a pleasant benefit for the skin.
Lake Sauna
Thanks to a large glass front, you can enjoy the view over the wide lake and enjoy the incomparable nature at a comfortable 75 ° C.
Lounge Sauna "Santai"
In our lounge sauna you will find, in addition to normal benches, also wonderfully curved loungers with a view of nature. At 65°C, you can relax wonderfully with soft sounds.
Panorama Sauna "Pandangan"
Our panorama sauna on the upper floor offers a unique view over the sauna village, the lake and the nature reserve. Here you can sit back and relax at 70°C.
Steam bath "Batur"
Batur is the name of an active volcano in Bali. With an air temperature of about 45°C and 100% humidity, the Batur offers a milder, more humid warmth than the classic sauna. This combination relaxes, destresses, nourishes and soothes the circulation.


From 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, we offer you a variety of different infusions and treatments. Details and more information on the infusion boards.