Sauna Guidelines

The vabali spa Düsseldorf is a sauna complex in the middle of a nature reserve on the banks of the Elbsee in Düsseldorf. Bathrobes and towels are gladly provided for a rental fee. Before you enter as a guest of our spa, we kindly ask you to lock all the valuables in your locker. As a courtesy to the other guests, it is important to turn off mobile telephones and to store them together with all the cameras in the locker.

During Your Stay

The vabali spa Düsseldorf is a textile-free facility. Please do not wear swimwear or sauna hats and please wear a towel or a bathrobe after using our saunas and pools. It is mandatory to wear a bathrobe in our restaurant. We want all our guests to be able to find a free lounger at all times and always have a free choice of the lounge facilities. For this reason, we ask you not to reserve loungers and instead to use our numerous storage compartments. Please understand that our employees are instructed to clear all loungers upon noticing long periods of absence. Please only smoke in the designated outdoor sections in the sauna area. Seating is at your disposal. The vabali spa Düsseldorf is a place of rest and relaxation. We are looking forward to offering you a small break from your everyday stress and ask you not to disturb this quiet. Please keep the exchange of affections to a minimum. In our restaurant, there are WellFit and PowerFood dishes with exquisite ingredients on offer. We are pleased to welcome you here. At this point, we would like to point out that it is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks (except for water in PET bottles).

Massage Appointments and Check-In

A massage at the vabali spa Düsseldorf can only be used in combination with an entrance to the sauna area (The entrance fee is not included in the massage price). In order to prepare yourself for the upcoming treatment and to enjoy a fresh tea, we advise you to check in 30 minutes before the start of the spa treatment and arrive at the massage area in time. For further information on your treatment at vabali spa Düsseldorf, please call 02103 33377170 or send an email to

Opening Hours

Daily from 9:00am until midnight.


The entrance fee, booked applications, your visit to the restaurant as well as any charges for rental linen will be booked on your key, which will be given to you at check-in. At the end of your visit you pay all expenses incurred at our main reception. Always pay attention to your key. Should you lose this, you will be charged a fee of 15,00 €.