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vabali spa. Arrive. Feel Good. Be Yourself. At vabali spa Berlin you’ll experience your quick getaway to Bali. For a few brief moments, forget about the everyday hustle and bustle and let yourself be pampered in our oasis of well-being with exclusive massages and wellness treatments.

Massage Pavilions

Enjoy the natural scenery in our sauna garden in summer temperatures. Your treatment will be accompanied by the chirping of birds and the warm wind gently caressing your body.

The Interior

The intricately designed rooms in our wellness area receive the most daylight and offer a view of the surrounding green. Lay back and let the wellness ambience work its magic.

Pure Relaxation

Take a few hours to enjoy and relax. Whether alone or as a pair – we have the right wellness program for you.

Wellness Moments for Two

Find time for each other, rest, turn off: This is luxury. In our Day Spa Suites with duo bathtub, terrace, shower and WC, you’ll experience individual relaxation rituals from head to toe. Enjoy your time together!
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Massage hours

10 am to 10 pm

In the light-flooded single and double treatment areas – some even with a view into the untouched nature – peace and relaxation in a modern ambience await you. A range of partial and whole body massages give the gift of deep well-being. Enjoy our massage treatments also as a partner massage, where you can relax together in one room. Special relaxation rituals in one of our DaySpa Suites pamper body and soul. Equipped with a duo bathtub, cozy sofa corner and a private terrace, you will experience precious moments with your companion.

Our massage treatments are only available in combination with an entrance fee. The entrance fee is not included in the massage price. The time of the treatment will of course be credited to you for your stay in the complex. In order to prepare yourself for the upcoming treatment and to be able to enjoy the spa experience with a fresh tea, we recommend that you check in 60 minutes before the start of the treatment and arrive at the massage area on time. To ensure that you can enjoy massage at vabali spa, we ask you to book an appointment in advance. You can reach us via phone at +49 30 911 486 170, via mail, or simply book your appointment online.

Spa Menu

To ensure you enjoy a soothing massage at vabali spa, please book an appointment online in advance.

Treatment Benefits
Our treatments support and optimize well-being, providing deep relaxation and balance. Regular treatments have a positive effect at the muscular level, maintaining and strengthening skin and connective tissue, have detoxifying and cleansing properties, and support the activation of regeneration- and self-healing powers. As the treatment benefits also depend significantly on the care oils we use, we ask you to shower before your massage, so that your skin can best absorb the oils.

Confirmation Of Your Booking
Immediately after booking, you'll receive a confirmation email from us with all relevant information. Any changes in the schedule can be arranged in most cases. Please leave your mobile number with each booking so that we can contact you in case of queries.

Cancellation Of Treatment Appointment
Treatment bookings are a binding commitment for you to enjoy one of our selected treatments at the vabali spa. However, it may happen from time to time that you have reasons that lead to a cancellation of the booking. If you are unable to attend the appointment, please notify us in good time, but no later than 4 hours before the start of treatment. We are happy to postpone it to a more convenient time for you.

Since we have the therapists and the treatment rooms ready and prepared for you, any cancellation that reaches us later than this will be charged for the full value of the treatment. Thank you for your understanding.

Consent Form
Treat yourself to a break for well-being and relaxation with a visit to our wellness area. All treatments are prepared with great care by our therapists, and tailored specifically to your needs.

During reservation or latest before starting your treatment, we ask you to inform us of any contraindications that may or may not alter your treatment. These can be:

• cardiovascular disease
• diabetes
• infections
• pregnancy
• severe strains
• cancers
• regular use of medication
• open wounds

Our massage experts are very experienced and must be aware of any health issues you may have in order to tailor the treatment accordingly. Failure to provide information about contraindications may result in non-treatment or discontinuation of treatment. We assure you that all information will be treated discreetly and with the utmost confidentiality.

Classic Partial Body Massage
Look forward to a classic individual partial body massage. Choose between the back, leg or face region..
25 Min. – 45 €

Classic Full Body Massage
Ideal for massage newcomers. Enjoy a full body massage where the back, arms and legs are massaged with classic grasp techniques.
50 Min. – 79 € | 80 Min. 109 €

Pure Relaxation
The combination of a classic back and foot massage lets you relax completely and leads to pure lightness.
50 Min. – 79 €

Deep Tissue Massage
An intensely powerful massage technique that can achieve a soothing balance of muscles, tissues and joints.
50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. – 119 €

Aroma Oil Massage
Relax with a gentle massage and soothing strokes with a natural essential oil of your choice.
25 Min. – 45 € | 50 Min. – 79 € | 80 Min. – 109 €

Your vabali Moment
Our massage experts let their techniques be inspired by their diverse experiences and influences, incorporating them into a whole-body experience. Your vabali moment will always be unique and extraordinary. Enjoy and let yourself relax completely.
50 Min. – 79 € | 80 Min. – 109 €

Arrangement For Two
Enjoy a back massage and an intensive body wrap each. Finish off your time together with a glass of Prosecco.
80 Min. – 175 €

Massage For Expectant Mothers
Body and soul have special needs during pregnancy, and not all our massage treatments are suitable for expectant mothers. Everything is focused on the well-being of the mother in this specially coordinated massage, geared toward women between the 12th and 28th week of pregnancy.
25 Min. – 45 € | 50 Min. – 79 €

Lomi Lomi Nui
This Hawaiian temple massage is simultaneously powerful and energetic. Gentle, wide massage strokes, primarily performed with the hand and forearm, bring you to a state of long-lasting deep relaxation and indescribable wellbeing.
50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. – 119 €

Hot Stone Massage
With warm basalt stones, your muscles are gently loosened and energetically stimulated.
50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. – 119 €

Foot Reflexology
Reflex points on the sole of the foot are intensively stimulated and, in combination with a massage, provide new energy and pleasant balance.
25 Min. – 45 € | 50 Min. – 89 €

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Oil Massage
Traditionally, this energetic massage is used to detoxify and harmonize the body. Warm sesame oil is gently massaged into the skin with changing grasp techniques. Exhaustion and stress are reduced while lymphatic flow is stimulated.
50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. – 119 €

Garshan Peeling Massage
Enjoy this traditional Ayurvedic dry massage with exfoliating effect and relax afterwards with a gentle partial or full body massage. The peeling glove will be given to you after your treatment.
50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. – 119 €

These treatments are not performed by every massage expert. Please book in advance as availability is not possible at all times.

DaySpa Suites

Treat yourself to a special time-out for two in one of the DaySpa suites, completely private and discreet. Experience partner treatments and bathing rituals, accompanied by small delicacies and a choice of champagne, white wine or red wine.

2x Day pass
2x Linen set (bathrobe & 2 sauna towels)
Rose petal bath
1 Bottle of champagne (0.375l)
1 Bottle of mineral water
Small delicacies

DaySpa Suite Classic
60 Min. – 109 € per person

DaySpa Suite Premium
Additional 2x 25 min. classic massage
120 min. – 169 € per person

DaySpa Suite Deluxe
additional 2x 50 min. classic massage
150 min. – 209 € per person


All-day relaxation for two in our wellness oasis. Enjoy our varied offer and round off your wellness day with a soothing couple's massage.

Wellness Day Classic
2x Day pass
2x Linen set
(bathrobe & 2 sauna towels)
2x 25 min. classic massage

Wellness Day Premium
2x Day pass
2x Linen set
(bathrobe & 2 sauna towels)
2x 50 min. classic massage

Please book in good time at, as availability is not possible at all times!


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