Sauna Guidelines

vabali spa Berlin is a sauna area in the heart of Berlin. We will gladly lend you a bathrobe, towel, and slippers. Pino brand shower gel and foam is available for purchase as well. Before entering our spa, we advise all guests to lock up all valuables in their locker. As a courtesy to our other guests, the use of cell phones is prohibited. Other recording equipment is also to be put away in your locker. In urgent cases, telephones are available at our wellness reception or  in the main hallway.

During Your Stay

The vabali spa Berlin is a textile-free facility. Please refrain from wearing swimwear. Outside our saunas and pools, we kindly ask you to always wear a bathrobe.

Deck chairs should remain free for all our guests. Therefore, it is not possible to reserve a chair with your towel. We advise you instead to make use of one of our many shelfs. Please understand that our staff are instructed to clear away any unattended personal materials from deck chairs.

Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas in the outdoor sauna area. Seating areas are also offered in these areas.
vabali spa Berlin is a space of peace and relaxation. We are thrilled to invite you to a small time-out from the day to day stress and kindly remind you to help maintain the aura of relaxation. Please keep public display of affection to a minimum.

In our restaurant we offer Mediterranean-Asian dishes with choice ingredients. We are happy to host you there, and would like to inform you that it is not allowed to bring in outside food or drink.

Massage Appointments and Check-in

A massage at vabali spa Berlin can only be booked in combination with entry to the day spa (entry price is not included in the price of the massages). Massage duration will not be deducted from the overall time of the purchased visit to the day spa. We recommend checking in thirty minutes before your treatment in order to get you in the mood for your treatment and enjoy a fresh tea with us. Since the treatment effects depend significantly on the essential oils we use, we ask you to take a shower before the massage, so that your skin can absorb the oils optimally. Further information about your treatment at vabali spa Berlin can be found in our massage brochure or by telephone at 030 911 486 170 or at

Opening Hours

09.00 AM – midnight daily


Entry price, booked treatments, restaurant visits, as well as any incidental costs for borrowed linens will be charged to the card issued to you upon check-in. Payment is made upon departure at the main reception.

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