The sauna area at Vabali Spa Berlin is particularly impressive due to its spacious, open design, diverse offerings, and its refined interiors of organic materials. Relax in one of our eleven saunas and steam baths, each offering a balanced mix of soothing aromatherapy and treatments to treat the senses.


Opening hours sauna area:

09AM – midnight daily

Vabali Spa offers a variety of choices for your deep relaxation experience, including our classic hot sauna, organic sauna, aromatherapy sauna, steam bath, traditional Banja sauna, and women’s sauna. Or try our panorama sauna for a breathtaking view. Our luxurious aromatherapy ceremonies catering to your every desire, ranging from salt, honey, and fruit scents to revitalizing meditation and camomile blossom treatments. Savour your moments of rest and relaxation at Vabali Spa’s sauna area and allow your mind, body, and spirit to come together in harmony.


Rooftop Infusion Sauna
Relax in our Awan infusion sauna and enjoy our wide selection of seasonally changing infusion classics.
Temperature: approx. 80° C
Humidity: approx. 20%

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Herbal Sauna
"Bali Boreh" is our version of the Balinese wellness ceremony traditionally performed as a warming ritual by rice farmers in the wet and windy monsoon season. Breath in and enjoy the nurturing herbal treatments. The essential oils sooth both through the skin and through inhalation. The ritual is especially effective for respiratory illnesses and for stimulation of the metabolism. Ideal those with stressed lifestyles or for anyone who simply wants to treat themself.
Temperature: approx. 70° C
Humidity: approx. 30%

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Enjoy oneness with nature
Named after the eponymous wood, our Vabali Kayu Sauna exudes a oneness with nature and authenticity. Enjoy the wonderful aroma of birch leaves, which have a cleansing and healing effect on the skin and body. With our Wenik infusion, bundles of birch-infused water are added to the sauna stones and wafted through the room with their branches, allowing their aroma to fully diffuse throughout the space. The aroma of the birch leaves can fully unfold. Milder temperatures combined with high humidity support the regenerating effect. Our Wenik infusion in this sauna will be an unforgettable experience.

Temperature: approx. 70° C
Humidity: approx. 30%

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Steam Bath
In contrast to the classic Finnish Sauna, steam baths employ a milder and more humid warmth, although just as beneficial for the body. The optimal combination of warmth and humidity relaxes, cleanses, and soothes, and is particularly effective for respiratory illnesses. For sauna novices as well as for the elderly, steam baths provide a lighter, gentler experience.
Temperature: approx. 50° C
Humidity: approx. 100%

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Garden Sauna
Forget about your troubles and enjoy the dry air of our Beji Sauna and infusions with broth from herbs or twigs. The soothing warmth works to purify and relax the body and spirit, stimulating the metabolism and washing out toxins. The tiered benches allow for a customized choice of air temperature.
Temperature: approx. 95° C
Humidity: approx. 10%

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Organic Lounge Sauna
Let the mild temperatures relax your body and experience the effect of the tinted lights:
Blue – for calming
Red – for stimulation
Green – for relaxation
Yellow – for exhilaration
Temperature: approx. 55° C
Humidity: approx. 45%

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Indoor Infusion Sauna

Relax in our infusion sauna Dalam and enjoy our wide selection of seasonally changing infusion classics.

Temperature: approx. 80° C
Humidity: approx. 20%

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Outdoor Aroma
On offer to our guests is a regular and varied selection of infusion classics. Enjoy, for example, our popular salt scrub.

Temperature: approx. 80° C
Humidity: approx. 20%

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In our meditation sauna, you can relax with meditative infusion ceremonies accompanied by soft sounds and candlelight. Leave the everyday life and hectic bustle of the big city behind and harmonize body, soul and spirit. For more information on the infusion times, see our infusion tables.
Laconium with Treatments
The laconium is a Turkish bath which takes its name from the Laconian people of southern Greece. Its low temperatures provide a gentle experience, invigorating circulation while purifying and stimulating the immune system. The guest will be sure to leave feeling relaxed and refreshed all over.

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Panorama Sauna
Take in the magnificent views onto the green and escape into the Asian lifestyle. Body, mind, and soul come together in harmony at this oasis of rest and relaxation.
Temperature: approx. 70° C
Humidity: approx. 30%

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Women’s Sauna
In the ancient Ramayana epic, Sita was the beautiful wife of Rama, and to this day the Balinese use the expression "as beautiful as Sita." A select choice of face masks are available to keep your skin smooth and supple, leaving you with a beautiful shine. Women only in this sauna!
Temperature: approx. 70° C
Humidity: approx. 30%
Face masks:
daily at 2:00, 5:00 and 9:00 PM

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Infusion Sauna Schedule and relaxation rituals

10.00 Uhr      Good morning infusion
11.00 Uhr       Pine wood peeling
11.00 Uhr       Sound meditation
11.30 Uhr       Vital infusion
11.30 Uhr       Wenik infusion
11.30 Uhr       Eucalyptus infusion
12.00 Uhr      Coconut peeling
12.00 Uhr      Balinese sounds
12.30 Uhr      Crystal Ceremony
12.30 Uhr      Aroma journey
12.30 Uhr      Wenik infusion
13.00 Uhr      Rose bloom peeling
13.00 Uhr      Tea ceremony
13.30 Uhr      Herbal infusion
13.30 Uhr      Wenik infusion
13.30 Uhr      Eucalyptus infusion
14.00 Uhr      Orange salt peeling
14.00 Uhr      Sound meditation
14.30 Uhr      Yin & Yang

14.30 Uhr      Aroma journey
14.30 Uhr      Wenik infusion
15.00 Uhr      Pine wood peeling
15.00 Uhr      Balinese sounds
15.30 Uhr      Vital infusion
15.30 Uhr      Wenik infusion
15.30 Uhr      Eucalyptus infusion
16.00 Uhr      Coconut peeling
16.00 Uhr      Tea ceremony
16.30 Uhr      Crystal ceremony
16.30 Uhr      Wenik infusion
16.30 Uhr      Aroma journey
17.00 Uhr      Rose bloom peeling
17.00 Uhr      Sound meditation
17.30 Uhr      Herbal infusion
17.30 Uhr      Wenik infusion
17.30 Uhr      Eucalyptus infusion
18.00 Uhr      Orange salt peeling
18.00 Uhr      Balinese sounds

18.30 Uhr       Yin & Yang
18.30 Uhr       Aroma journey
18.30 Uhr       Wenik infusion
19.00 Uhr       Pine wood peeling
19.00 Uhr       Tea ceremony
19.30 Uhr       Vital infusion
19.30 Uhr       Wenik infusion
19.30 Uhr       Eucalyptus infusion
20.00 Uhr      Coconut peeling
20.00 Uhr      Sound meditation
20.30 Uhr      Crystal ceremony
20.30 Uhr      Wenik infusion
20.30 Uhr      Aroma journey
21.00 Uhr       Rose bloom peeling
21.00 Uhr       Balinese sounds
21.30 Uhr       Herbal infusion
21.30 Uhr       Wenik infusion
22.00 Uhr      Orange salt peeling
23.00 Uhr      Good night infusion
From the 1st of November 2019 we offer you:

The new Lulur ceremony at the Laconium

Kopi-Madu-Peeling ceremony with a vitalizing coffee hony peeling 


Bali-Boreh-Peeling ceremony with a soothing rice coconut peeling 

Duration: approx. 20 minutes each
Dates: daily 12.oo am, 2.00 pm, 4.00 pm, 6.00 pm & 8.00 pm
Price: 4,50€

Bumi-Kapur- healing clay ceremony with Asian herbs and porcelain soil

At the healing clay ceremony with Asian herbs and porcelain soil you will be given a body pack of natural products consisting of 100% pure natural oils, which care for your skin and give you a deep sense of well-being.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Dates: daily 1.00 pm, 3.00 pm, 5.00 & 7.00 pm
Price: 7,50€

Please contact our wellness reception for further information and appointments. 

Kebahagiaan means happiness in Indonesian. Two times a day, you can relax in our rooftop hot tubs with minerals and take part in the Kebahagiaan Ceremony.

01.00 PM     Kebahagiaan Ceremony
05.00 PM     Kebahagiaan Ceremony

From the 16th of September 2019 we offer you free yoga classes in our yoga room sentosa (upper floor).

Every Monday and Friday

04.30 pm    FlowYoga 60 minutes
06.00 pm    FlowYoga 60 minutes

Our FlowYoga classes are equally suitable for beginners without previous knowledge and advanced participants. Please bring your own comfortable yoga clothings with you, yoga mats and other equipment will be provided.

From the 1st of October 2019 we offer you free sound journeys in the quite room (upper floor). 

Every Thursday

03.00 pm    Sound journey 30 minutes
04.00 pm    Sound journey 30 minutes
05.00 pm    Sound journey 30 minutes

The overtone-rich vibrations of the Chinese gongs and Nepalese singing bowls work gently into the deepest layers, harmonizing and giving new freshness, joy and strength for everyday life.

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