Wellness & Massage

vabali spa Berlin offers you a sanctuary of relaxation and harmony of mind, body, and soul. This peaceful oasis delivers the perfect contrast to hectic city life, allowing you to find a balance and calm away from your stressful days.


Opening hours wellness area:

10 AM – 10PM

Enjoy our classic massages, Ayurveda treatments, Shiatsu, Thai massages or treat yourself to one of our regenerating and harmonic ceremonies or rituals, sure to revitalize you.

Our team of experienced and trained therapists are on site to provide you with courteous and professional service. Our exceptional Day Spa suites are also available for private treatments. Here you’ll have access to our soothing bathing rituals and dual rituals, in addition to culinary delights from kitchen to cellar. We recommend arriving ten minutes before your spa treatment in order to get you in the mood for your treatment and enjoy a fresh tea with us.

Massage Offerings


Please arrange your massage appointments by telephone at 030 911 486 170, by email at massage@vabali.de or book your appointment online. Our team of therapists is available daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Treatment Results

Our treatments support and optimize wellbeing, preparing the body for deep relaxation and balance. Regular applications have a positive effect on the muscular level, nurture and strengthen the skin and tissue, detoxify and cleanse, as well as support the activation and regeneration of self-healing powers. Since the treatment effects also depend significantly on the essential oils we use, we ask you to take a shower before the massage, so that your skin can absorb the oils optimally.

Confirmation of Your Booking

Any changes to your booking can be easily accommodated. No additional fees apply should you wish to cancel your booking. Please leave your mobile number when cancelling your booking

Cancelling Treatment Bookings

Bookings at vabali spa constitute an acceptance of commitment in enjoying one of our various treatments. We acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise which call for the cancelation of the booked appointment. Please let us know of any cancelation at least 8 hours before the appointment and we will gladly cancel or reschedule for a more convenient time. In case of last minute cancelations, please be advised that we will have to charge the full amount to compensate for our therapists’ time and preparations of treatment rooms. We thank you for your understanding.

Informed Consent

A visit to our wellness area is a time out for well-being and relaxation. All treatments and applications are carefully prepared and customized to your needs by our team of therapists. When booking your appointment, please inform us of any contraindications which may alter or inhibit our ability to carry out the treatment. These may be:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Diabetes
  • Infection
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy injuries or strains
  • Cancer
  • Regular intake of medication
  • Open wounds

Our therapists are extremely experienced and must be informed of any medical restrictions in order to carry out the treatment. Nondisclosure of such contraindications may result in our inability to perform treatment. We assure you that all information will be treated with the utmost discretion and complete confidentiality.

Classic Partial Body Massage

Loosening and relaxation of muscle tension and blockages focused on individual body regions. 25Min

Classic Full Body Massage

Loosening and relaxation of muscle tension and blockages in the entire muscular system, with individual stretching and flexibility massage techniques bringing the body into harmony. From 50Min

Deep Tissue Massage

A special form of massage focusing specifically and intensely on deep tissue, promoting a perfect balance of musculature, tissue, and joints. From 25Min

Classic Aromatherapy Oil

Deep relaxation for body and soul, the essential oils calm, release, and promote harmony. From 25Min

Your Vabali Moment

Our massage therapists are from all around the world. Different experiences and influences shape their techniques. The Vabali Moment is a treatment individually fine-tunes with the guest. Treat yourself to your very own Vabali Moment! From 50Min

Massage with Body-Peeling

Fine grain mineral salt with pure olive oil or real bee’s honey with high mineral count are gently massaged into the skin. A peeling effect arises immediately and gives a soft, supple skin texture. From 50 Min

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

A massage in combination with intense stimulation of the reflex points on the soles provide new energy, balance, and deep relaxation. 25Min

Foot massage with Rose Blossom Peel

After an invigorating foot bath with rose blossom peel, the feet and lower legs are intensively massaged with alternating pressure. A feeling like walking on clouds! 50 Min

Classic Head Massage

A gentle and effective massage of the energy points and relaxation areas on the head, face, and neck provide for relaxation and balancing and removal of energy blockages. This massage provides an unrivaled feeling of security and relaxation. 25Min

Massage For Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers will have special needs and not all our massage treatments are suitable for them. In this specially-designed massage treatment, everything is adjusted to the needs of expectant mothers and their well-being. A welcome and soothing time out!  25Min & 50Min

25Min - 39€
50Min - 69€
80Min - 99€

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Exotic Holistic Treatments
Lomi Lomi Nui

Long, gentle massage strokes with both the hand and the forearm create a long-lasting sense of deep relaxation and remarkable  well-being. Through continuous, smooth massage techniques, the entire body is calmed and put into harmony. Aromatherapy oils are used in addition to give the skin strength, suppleness and moisturization. 50Min - 79€ | 80Min - 109€

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed basalt stones are laid across the body, connecting various energy points. The saved up warmth from the stones is then transmitted to the muscle tissue during this gentle massage, which is sure to relax, free the tissues of toxins, and stimulate lymph flow. 80Min - 109€


Warmed oil is rubbed gently and carefully with precise and varied techniques into the skin, purging toxins and activating deep tissue and circulation. 50Min - 79€ | 80Min - 109€

Special Relaxation Rituals

Pressure points are stimulated through rotational movements of the fingers and balls of the hands, working deep into the tissue and musculature. 50Min - 79€

Thai Massage

Joint mobilisation and elongation of the musculature and tendons through yoga-inspired stretching and distension positions. 50Min - 79€

Feel good for two! Our offers are also available as a couple’s treatment!

Shiatsu and Thai massage are traditionally performed on the clothed body. We recommend bringing a comfortable pants and top.

Each therapist offers a different set of treatments. We kindly advise you to give adequate advance notice for your reservation in order to pair you with the right therapist and find an available appointment time.

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Treat yourself to a time-out for two at one of our day spa suites, each completely private and discreet. Receive treatments for two, as well as bathing rituals and gastronomic delicacies.

2 day passes
2 sets of towels and bathrobes
Rose or lavender bath for two
1 bottle of Champagne or red wine as well as 1 bottle of mineral water, tea, and fruit
Additional body treatments and massages may also be added on.


60Min - 99€ per person


With an additional 25 minute Aroma Relax Massage for two
120Min - 159€ per person

Classic Plus

With an additional 50 minute Aroma Relax Massage for two
150Min - 189€ per person

reservation required!
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DaySpa Suite


Opening hours dayspa area:

09AM – 10PM

Our Day Spa Suite is fitted with two massage tables, a bathtub for two, a cozy sofa corner, private terrace, and a shower. Far away from the daily grind, experience a few hours of bliss in a world of complete calm and privacy. Reach a higher connection with our carefully chosen relaxation rituals, all in the unique atmosphere of our exclusive suite.

Our Day Spa Suite Packages also include a day pass as well as a bathrobe and towel set.


Let yourself be taken away and led into a world of relaxation and enjoyment with this luxurious program. Step into a warm bath with essential oils and enjoy a sparkling bottle of champagne or red wine, with soft candlelight and music guiding you through your experience. We are looking forward to your visit in our Day Spa Suite!

Rose bud bath // 1 bottle champagne or red wine // 1 bottle of water // Tea and fruit

60 min - 99€ per person

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A romantic rose bud bath by candlelight, a sparkling bottle of champagne and fresh fruit are waiting for you upon entering our luxuriously equipped Day Spa Suite. A partial body massage relieves tension and blockages, while aromatic oils calm, harmonise, and relax the body.

2x25 min aroma-relax-massage //rose bud bath // 1 bottle champagne or red wine // 1 bottle of water // Tea and fruit

120 min - 159€ per person

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Let yourself be taken away and led into a world of relaxation and enjoyment with this luxurious program. Step into a warm bath with essential oils and enjoy a sparkling bottle of champagne or red wine, with soft candlelight and music guiding you through your experience. The program is finished off with a sumptuous full body massage with warm oils, letting all your cares drift away. We are looking forward to your visit in our Day Spa Suite!

2x 50 min aroma-relax massage // Lavender or rose bud bath // 1 bottle champagne or red wine // 1 bottle of water // Tea and fruit

150 min - 189€ per person

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