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Enter, immerse, feel good. The vabali spa Düsseldorf is a world of its own, a Balinese wellness resort where you can relax all around: with saunas, pools and numerous wellness offers.
The vabali spa Düsseldorf offers you a place of relaxation directly on the Elbsee, where body, soul and spirit can find peace. Enjoy Indonesian ambience in the spacious wellness landscape with 14 saunas and steam baths, various pools and relaxation basins, a large sauna garden, relaxation rooms and sun decks, two fireplace rooms and an Asian-Mediterranean-inspired restaurant.

9 am to midnight daily

Please note our special opening hours:

24.12.: 9 am - 4 pm
31.12.: 9 am - 4 pm
01.01.: 11 am - midnight

2 hours €25.50 | €27.50*
4 hours €34.50 | €37.50*
Day pass €43.50 | €47.50*

*on weekends, bank holidays, during winter break, and for vouchers

Buy 10 get 1 free
11 x 2 hours €255
11 x 4 hours €345
11 x day pass €435

Booking & Shop

Spa Area

Indoor pool
Time to cool off after a sauna session? Then head to the sheltered indoor pool in the atrium
Outdoor pool
You can fully relax in the heated outdoor pool and our warm water pools
The spacious sauna area impresses with its openness, variety and elegant furnishings made from high-quality materials
Fireplace lounge
You can relax in our lounges and enjoy our gastronomic offer
Relaxation rooms
You can recover from your sauna session and enjoy complete relaxation in heated waterbeds and on pleasantly cushioned loungers
Visitors can enjoy an exclusive resort ambience in the spacious outdoor area of vabali
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The spacious sauna area of the vabali spa Düsseldorf extends over two floors and the outdoor area. A total of 11 extraordinary and relaxing saunas are available to guests: Panoramic sauna, lake sauna, bio sauna, garden sauna, meditation sauna, several large infusion saunas, two steam baths and a laconium.
The abundance of infusion ceremonies ranges from classic salt, honey and fruit infusions to revitalising meditation and herbal treatments.


The ambience
The massage area of vabali spa offers a wide range of classic and individualised treatments.
Massage offer
Numerous partial and full-body massages ensure a deep sense of well-being in the harmonious ambience of the spa rooms.
DaySpa Suites
In our Day Spa Suites with duo bathtub, terrace, shower and WC, you can experience personalised relaxation rituals from head to toe.
Your treatment
You are welcome to join us a few minutes earlier and enjoy a cosy cup of tea to prepare yourself for the relaxation ahead.
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Spa Menu

Classic Partial Body Massage
Look forward to a classic individual partial body massage. Choose between the back, leg or face region.
25 Min. – 49 €

Classic Full Body Massage
Ideal for massage newcomers. Enjoy a full body massage where the back, arms and legs are massaged with classic grasp techniques.
50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. 119 €

Pure Relaxation
The combination of a classic back and foot massage lets you relax completely and leads to pure lightness.
50 Min. – 89 €

Deep Tissue Massage
An intensely powerful massage technique that can achieve a soothing balance of muscles, tissues and joints.
50 Min. – 99 €

Aroma Oil Massage
Relax with a gentle massage and soothing strokes with a natural essential oil of your choice.
25 Min. – 49 € | 50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. – 119 €

Your vabali Moment
Our massage experts let their techniques be inspired by their diverse experiences and influences, incorporating them into a whole-body experience. Your vabali moment will always be unique and extraordinary. Enjoy and let yourself relax completely.
50 Min. – 89 € | 80 Min. – 119 €

Arrangement For Two
Enjoy a back massage and an intensive body wrap each. Finish off your time together with a glass of Prosecco.
80 Min. – 189 €

Massage For Expectant Mothers
Body and soul have special needs during pregnancy, and not all our massage treatments are suitable for expectant mothers. Everything is focused on the well-being of the mother in this specially coordinated massage, geared toward women between the 12th and 28th week of pregnancy.
25 Min. – 49 € | 50 Min. – 89 €

Lomi Lomi Nui
This Hawaiian temple massage is simultaneously powerful and energetic. Gentle, wide massage strokes, primarily performed with the hand and forearm, bring you to a state of long-lasting deep relaxation and indescribable wellbeing.
50 Min. – 99 € | 80 Min. – 129 €

Hot Stone Massage
With warm basalt stones, your muscles are gently loosened and energetically stimulated.
50 Min. – 99 € | 80 Min. – 129 €

Foot Reflexology
Reflex points on the sole of the foot are intensively stimulated and, in combination with a massage, provide new energy and pleasant balance.
25 Min. – 49 €

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Oil Massage
Traditionally, this energetic massage is used to detoxify and harmonize the body. Warm sesame oil is gently massaged into the skin with changing grasp techniques. Exhaustion and stress are reduced while lymphatic flow is stimulated.
50 Min. – 99 € | 80 Min. – 129 €

Garshan Peeling Massage
Enjoy this traditional Ayurvedic dry massage with exfoliating effect and relax afterwards with a gentle partial or full body massage. The peeling glove will be given to you after your treatment.
50 Min. – 99 € | 80 Min. – 129 €

This soothing massage of the energy points on the foot and lower leg activates the body's self-healing powers. Congestion of the energy flow is counteracted and stress symptoms are alleviated.
25 Min. – 49 €

This head, neck and face massage releases tension, calms the nervous system and allows you to find deep relaxation.
50 Min. – 99 €

Bamboo Massage
With bamboo sticks, tensions and blockages are specifically massaged and the blood circulation is stimulated. A deep and intensive effect awaits you.
25 Min. – 49 €

All-day relaxation for two in our wellness oasis. Enjoy our varied offer and round off your wellness day with a soothing couple's massage.

Wellness Day Classic
2x Day pass
2x Linen set
(bathrobe & 2 sauna towels)
2x 25 min. classic massage

Wellness Day Premium
2x Day pass
2x Linen set
(bathrobe & 2 sauna towels)
2x 50 min. classic massage Ganzkörpermassage

Please book in good time, as availability is not possible at all times!

Treat yourself to a special time-out for two in one of the DaySpa suites in an exclusive ambience. Experience partner treatments and bathing rituals, accompanied by small delicacies and a choice of champagne, white wine or red wine.

2x Day pass
2x Linen set (bathrobe & 2 sauna towels)
Soothing bath
1 Bottle of champagne (0.375l)
1 Bottle of mineral water
Small delicacies

DaySpa Suite Classic
60 Min. – 119 € per person

DaySpa Suite Premium
Additional 2x 25 min. classic massage
120 Min. – 179 € per person

DaySpa Suite Deluxe
Additional 2x 50 min. classic massage
150 Min. – 219 € per person

Please book in good time, as availability is not possible at all times!


Our menu features Asian and Mediterranean delicacies as well as a varied seasonal selection
Our cuisine
The cuisine at the vabali spa is characterised by lots of fresh vegetables, fish and tender meat as well as a varied weekly menu
Our cosy sofa corners offer comfort and cosiness for reading, good conversation or simply relaxing
Fireplace room
Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the cosy warmth of the crackling fireplace
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Restaurant Menu


breakfast & Omelettes

served from 9 am – 12 pm

lunch & dinner

served from 12 pm – 10 pm


  • Energy Starter 7,20 €

    yoghurt (lactose-free) with fresh blueberries & homemade granola

  • vabali Breakfast 9,80 €

    boiled egg, Swiss cheese, Schwarzwälder Schinken (ham), jam, butter & 1 bread roll, sliced bread

  • Breakfast for Two 19,60 €

    2 boiled eggs, Swiss cheese, Schwarzwälder Schinken (ham), french salami, cream cheese, nutella, jam, butter, 2 bread rolls, sliced bread & croissant, crisp bread, smoked salmon, pancakes, mini energy starter
    2 glasses fresh orange juice 0,3l +9,80 €
    2 glasses Prosecco 0,1l +6,70 €

  • Sourdough Bread with Avocado 11,80 €

    avocado, Shepherd‘s cheese, black tomato, sea salt, olive oil & fried egg

  • Shakshuka 11,80 €

    North African breakfast classic with tomatoes, feta, spring onions, peppers & baked egg in fruity tomato sauce, served with sesame bread


  • with chives 6,40 €
  • with Swiss cheese 8,50 €
  • with Swiss cheese & ham 8,90 €
  • with Shepherd‘s cheese, tomato & spinach 8,90 €
  • with avocado, pepper 9,30 €
  • with smoked salmon & horseradish cream 9,60 €
  • Gyoza 8,70 €

    3 Gyoza dumplings filled with tofu, leek & cabbage, served with spring vegetables & Sriracha mayonnaise

  • Yakitori skewers 12,90 €

    2 chicken yakitori skewers on pickled cabbage salad with carrot & celery, served with papadam

  • vabali Sandwich 14,80 €

    Pide filled with pulled chicken, tomato, pickled red and pointed cabbage & Chipotle mayonnaise, served with sweet potato fries

  • Carpaccio 16,20 €

    beef carpaccio with olive oil, rocket, Grana Padano, tomatoes, capers & lemon


  • Tom Kha Gai 7,20 €

    Thai coconut chicken soup with chicken, shiitake mushrooms, baby leaf spinach & pointed cabbage

  • Indian Lentil Soup 7,20 €

    with coconut cream


  • vabali Salad Bowl 12,40 €

    lettuce with caramelised seeds
    Aloe Vera Dressing, wild blueberry dressing or Vinaigrette
    marinated chicken breast 15,60 €
    marinated tofu strips 15,60 €
    honey roasted goat‘s cheese on whole grain bread 16,40 €
    grilled salmon 19,20 €
    grilled strips of beef fillet 19,20 €
    3 prawns 19,90 €

  • Baked Sweet Potato 17,40 €

    oven-baked with red thai-curry-chicken, herb-yuzu-sourcream, spring onions, onions, pepper & tomato

  • Tonkotsu-Ramen Soup 17,80 €

    with ramen noodles, herb mushrooms, baby pak choi, chives, ginger, egg, wakame & caramelised pork belly

  • Spaghetti with chanterelles and beef Fillet 24,60 €

    with tomatoes, rocket, spring onions, Grana Padano & creamy sauce
    3 prawns + 7,50 €

  • Fish trilogy 22,50 €

    Salmon, sea bream and zander
    sprouts, snow peas, celery, peanut sauce & rice

  • Yassa 18,60 €

    spicy African poultry ragout with tomato, carrot, onion, mint and lime, rice

Vabali Classics

  • Spicy Curry 14,70 €

    celery, okra, Chinese & pointed cabbage, carrot, sweet potato, peppers & sprouts in chili curry coconut cream, with chia rice

  • vabali Teriyaki 15,30 €

    with chicken, coriander, peanut coconut sauce & nuts, served with noodles

  • vabali Burger 16,80 €

    100% pure beef (180g) with burger sauce, shredded gherkins, tomato, lettuce, braised onion & Swiss cheese, served with sweet potato fries

  • Vegetarian Burger 16,80 €

    burger sauce, braised onion, shredded gherkins, tomato, lettuce, marinated ginger, served with sweet potato fries

  • Salmon Burger 18,80 €

    fresh grilled salmon fillet with burger sauce, shredded gherkins, rocket & soybean sprouts in a hole grain bun, served with salad

Tarte Flambée

  • Alsatian original 12,50 €

    Crème fraîche | bacon | leek

  • Tomato and mozzarella 13,50 €

    Crème fraîche | tomato | mozzarella | pesto

  • Spinach and parmesan 13,50 €

    Crème fraîche | spinach | cherry tomatoes | parmesan

  • Smoked salmon 14,50 €

    Crème fraîche | smoked salmon | spinach | parmesan | honey-dill-mustard sauce | pine nuts

Soul Food

  • Sourdough Bread with Avocado 11,80 €

    avocado, Shepherd‘s cheese, black tomato, sea salt, olive oil & fried egg

  • Vitamin B Salad 14,80 €

    pear, Shepherd‘s cheese, wild herb salad, beetroot, wild blueberry dressing, radish & caramelised nuts
    3 prawns +7,50 €

  • Wok 14,70 €

    with fresh vegetables, pak choi, cashews, coconut milk, coriander, sesame, peanut sauce and jasmine rice
    marinated chicken breast 17,90 €
    marinated tofu strips 17,90 €
    grilled salmon 21,50 €
    grilled strips of beef fillet 21,50 €
    3 prawns 22,20 €

  • Pancakes/3 pieces 6,90 €

    with maple syrup, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream & fresh berries

  • Oven-fresh Chocolate Cake 7,80 €

    baked in a glass, with a melting core, served with cherry-cardamom compote & whipped cream (Preparation time about 15 minutes)

  • Panna Cotta 7,80 €

    with berry compote

  • Cakes & Brownies 5,20 €

    daily fresh & varying

  • Ice cream per scoop 3,20 €

    baked apple sorbet, spiced almond cookie, dark chocolate, coconut, cherry, vanilla





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